To decrease the chance of back flow freezing, it is recommended that you winterize your sprinkler system before the first hard freeze. There are two methods from which to choose to accomplish this.


Either a professional or the homeowner can do the first of these methods, referred to as “draining” the system. You will find a diagram and detailed step by step instructions on how to winterize as well as directions to start up your irrigation system. This will greatly increase the prevention of freezing.

This “draining” procedure can only decrease the chances of back flow freezing. This does not guarantee prevention of freezing. To increase the prevention of back flow freezing, it is suggested that the second method, referred to as a system “blow out”, be done by a professional. This Method, by blowing all the water out of the irrigation system, will greatly increase the prevention of freezing.


Along with the installation of your new irrigation system by SJ Ward Landscapes, you have purchased a one year warranty. However, this warranty is only valid if SJ Ward Landscapes is the sole servicer for this system during the year warranty. To schedule a blow-out for your system for $ please contact our office at 303-776-7991 or Understand if we do not perform this blow-out during the first year of the system, your warranty will be null and void.


Please note that whichever method you choose the start up procedure remains the same and can be done either by a professional or the homeowner. If you have any questions you may contact S J Ward Landscapes at 303-776-7991.

Irrigation System Winterization





  1. It is suggested that all trees and shrub material be watered once each month during October through April unless precipitation rates are higher than 1.5 inches in any given month.
  2. Water only when air temperatures are above 40 degrees.
  3. Apply water at mid-day so it will have time to soak in before possible freezing at night.
  4. Trees obtain water best when it is allowed to soak into the soil slowly to a depth of 12 inches.
  5. Methods of watering trees include: sprinklers, deep-root fork or needle, soaker hose or soft spray wand.
  6. As a general survival rule, apply 10 gallons of water for each diameter inch of tree. For example, a two-inch diameter tree needs 20 gallons per watering. Use a ruler to measure your trees diameter.
  7. Apply 5 gallons two times per month for a newly planted shrub. Small established shrubs (less than 3 feet tall) should receive 5 gallons monthly. Large established shrubs (more than 6 feet) require 18 gallons on a monthly basis. Decrease amounts to account for precipitation. Water within the dripline of the shrub and around the base.


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