Water Feature

Water Feature Maintenance

Water Level

The water feature will continuously lose water due to evaporation. Evaporation is dependent on may variable such as climate, humidity, temperature, etc.

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE WATER LEVEL SHOULD BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES. For the first few months of use, you should monitor the reservoir periodically to determine the rate of evaporation on the waterfall feature if a pump runs dry due to water levels, this costs additional money to purchase a new one. Most features are equipped with an Auto-fill so this should not be a problem.

Water Feature Maintenance Schedule

To keep your water feature at its best and to qualify for your warranty you must:


Check the water levels to prevent damage to the pump. Clean any excess debris from the falls, stream or pond area.


Clean filters and Catch Baskets. Dose the water feature with algaecide. You can also use a water clarifier which is fish and plant safe.

Spring Start-up

Wash down reservoir and clean all debris from pond, streams, falls and filter. Attach pump and clear out all lines. Make sure irrigation system is on for the Auto Fill to work and add water with hose to maintain the water level.

Fall Winterization

Leave pump in unit if water depth is maintained at 18”. If water feature is drained pull pump so it does not freeze and store in a bucket full of water.

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