Bring your night landscape to life with a low voltage lighting system designed by one of our professionals to meet your requirements.

The Power Center(tm) transformer is the heart of any low voltage system. All Power Centers(tm), ranging from 100-1000 watt sizes, are engineered, hand built and tested by skilled professionals.

Let low voltage path lights lead the way. These inconspicuous fixtures are available in a host of materials and finishes designed to complement the natural elements of your landscape.

Highlight focal points in your landscape with low voltage up  lights. Whether they are casting shadow patterns or grazing walls, the dramatic effects these fixtures create demand attention.

Increase the safety, security and beauty of your property with low voltage down lights. These fixtures simulate natural light that will add both function and romance to any evening scene.

Picture the silhouette of your favorite tree or outdoor art object framed against the setting sun. Low voltage back lights create these kinds of displays by mimicking natural lighting effects.

Add low voltage underwater lighting to any water feature and discover how the water’s ripples and reflections become dramatic points of visual interest, like dancing waves under a starry sky.

Personalize your evening landscape with specialty lighting from many top manufacturers. These distinct fixtures allow you to accent your property in a way that reflects your individual taste and style.

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